A stop-motion on raw love and queer intimacy.

Taking a contemplative angle, this stop-motion is about the essence of intimacy and its representation. Love and intimacy are so profound and awakening when experienced internally, but when imposed from others without being glorified or glamorized (as it mainly is in mass media), feelings of being uncomfortable/troubled/fascinated/hypnotized often come up. It’s as if we naturalize idealized representations of intimacy from the media and are not used to witness genuine forms of intimate acts.

The focus in this video is the picturing of marginal bodies and intimate couples from my LGBTQ+ community versus their portrayal in visual literacy today as underrepresented or as reflecting the prejudices and biases of mediatic elites’ agendas (often defined as nasty). 

The purpose of this animation was therefore to display raw and untouched intimate relationships, more as forms of documentation than romanticized versions of them. While the broken rythm of the stop-motion was meant to reflect the imperfection of intimacy, the emphasis put on abstract body parts allowed to return to the essence of sex: bodies on bodies, skin on skin. Nothing nasty about it. 

LOVE IS NASTY was made in the context of the Intermedia III class at Concordia University.