The goal of this project was to offer a research-based creative platform to reconcile Saint-Henri’s views around gentrification by art.

On-site interviews were conducted by Laurence Guilbault and I in Saint-Henri, with actors affected by or generating gentrification in this neighborhood. 

At the end of the three interviews, a chat room was at disposition and people were invited to write their opinion according to the card they were given at the beginning in a chat room. It created this automatist poem were people responded to what was said before in all anonymity.

Projection 1: This was an extract from an interview led by Radio-Canada with Fred Burill, ambassador of Solidarité Saint-Henri, fighting against gentrification in Saint-Henri through protests and sensibilization.

All city footage is ours.

When entering our installation, people were given cards with fictive roles they played in Saint-Henri and how they saw gentrification in their neightborhood. 

Three people at a time could enter in the room. Immediately, people could hear a sound cityscape of Saint-Henri.

Three projections of the interviews we did at Saint-Henri were displayed on opposite walls. One person at a time could sit for each video and listen through earbuds.


Projection 2: This interview was conducted with BAMM! Gallery, a gallery that has been there for about a decade now and that have seen Saint-Henri expend and gentrify through the years.

Projection 3: This interview was conducted with La Ruche d’Art actors, a gallery center in Saint-Henri aiming for inclusivity of all, homeless people, cancer patients, social housing members, LGBTQ+ members, etc. La Ruche d’Art now has 156 art hives in Montreal only.

Made in collaboration
with Laurence Guilbaut.

Reconcile Saint-Henri
was made in the context of the Intermedia II class at Concordia University.