Remediating gender identity through photography

The aim of this lecture-performance was to explain the artistic process at the root of my photography practices. 

This lecture was especially focusing on how the personal & political disappearance of marginal bodies has been key for me in the past few years. It’s especially the disappearance or I’d rather say ‘’absence’’ of certain types of subjects that I want to reappropriate and make visible, according to the person I photograph. Therefore, it will always be at the core of my process to make space for the people that are in front of my camera to speak up and be a part of this questioning as well.

This presentation certainly brought-up certain new ways of practicing photography for me. It turned out that recording the kinds of conversations I have with my subjects helps me edit and portray them more accurately and to keep close documentation of my practice as well.

Those pictures were therefore taken with Justin while he answered on record some of my questions concerning gender identity. The photos were then put out on a screen in front of the audience while I edited my pictures in live. The performance was followed by a conversation and questions by the viewers. 

«I feel like being a man, really being a man, is taking all these traditional ideas and throwing them off the fucking window» - Justin

Remediating gender identity through photography was made in the context of the Intermedia III class at Concordia University.